imprimer Tableau Business Objects Universe Pics

imprimer Tableau Business Objects Universe
. This will open bot connector web interface where all sap bo universe objects get displayed. Sap businessobjects is a business intelligence suite with reporting and visualization tools for gaining insight into key metrics such as sales performance, revenue, budgets, and more.

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2013年09月の記事 Sap Oracleブログ from

In business objects how can i get a list of reports using a specific universe? This is a fast training on how to create and design sap business objects xi universe. Consider your existing webi reports with their defined business logic, formula etc.

Requirement is to make a bo universe.

A business objects universe is the semantic layer that resides between an organization's database and the end user but more importantly, it is a the universe is created using familiar business terminology to describe the business environment and allows the user to retrieve exactly the data. In this article we will show you, how to use objects such as image, text, url and webpages to tableau in this article, we will show you how to use tableau dashboard objects with an example. Share it with the world. Get business owners involved with universe maintenance.

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